SIGGRAPH 2013 Keynote Session

SIGGRAPH 2013 Keynote Session

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Presents the Marc Davis Lecture: Giants First Steps. Panel participants network prior to the start of the session.


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    Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who after resigning from office because of a sex scandal,  said today that his early lead in New York City’s comptroller race shows that voters are beginning to warm to his candidacy.
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    "Everyone says New Yorkers are unfriendly but they’re really quite a nice people," said one government worker. "I think you’d be very surprised to see how many New Yorkers would actually return [a wallet]."
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    I was lucky enough to go for a trip up the hillclimb with five times Le Mans winner and ex Formula One driver, British racer Derek Bell. In the Bentley GT Speed Convertible he drove up with remarkable ease, having driven the hill quite a few times over the years. The purple coloured car wowed the crowds as much as Derek pulled them in. A true gentleman it was a pleasure to listen to him recount stories from his career in racing.
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    The group’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, won a majority in the parliamentary elections in 2011-2012. Later, they decided to field a candidate for the country’s presidency, a move many observers said spoke to the group’s desire to monopolize political power.
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    Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Barbara Byrd-Bennett said Lee's ruling "supports our belief that every child in every neighborhood throughout the District deserves access to a high-quality education that prepares them for college, career and life."
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    Which? said online check-in was "failing to put an end to lengthy queues at our airports with very little difference in the time people waited at check-in desks compared with bag drop desks after checking in online".
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    Cassady was married to Neal Cassady — a central character in the Beat generation and the basis of the character Dean Moriarty in Kerouac's "On the Road" — for around 20 years. The couple had three children.
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    "If the walls of the tube and the capsule are too close together, the capsule will behave like a syringe and eventually be forced to push the entire column of air in the system," the proposal reads. "Not good."
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    “I can’t see any of the leadership anymore, they’re all in jail” says Amr Darrag, one of the highest-ranking members of the Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), to remain a free man.
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    "While we don't believe a breakup makes the most sense(especially off such weak numbers), we do see other avenues forvalue creation," Oppenheimer said in a research report. Dardencould reduce capital expenditures to raise its stock price, thereport said.
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    China's smartphone shipments are forecast to increase tomore than 460 million by 2017, worth nearly $120 billion, froman expected 330 million, worth $80 billion, this year, accordingto research firm IDC.
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    "Sisi has been good so far though we are worried about the future. We want Rabaa and Nahda dispersed but with the least loss of life because we are afraid violence would be used against us too later," she said.
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    In the United States, which remains Target's main market byfar, shoppers are visiting less often. Consumer spending onhomes and cars is crowding out other spending, and income growthremains weak, said Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel.
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    Attorney General Eric Holder gave a much-publicized speech recently calling for policy changes at the federal level to allow prosecutors to sidestep mandatory minimum laws – "executive actions" that don't require congressional approval. What he should have done was endorse legislation giving federal judges broad discretion in applying mandatory minimums. That bill, the Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013, is being sponsored in the Senate by Democrats Pat Leahy and Dick Durbin and, more interestingly, by Republicans Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Rand Paul is a libertarian and fiscal conservative; Mike Lee is a tea party favorite, a constitutional lawyer and the son of former Reagan Solicitor General Rex Lee. The House version is sponsored by Democrat Bobby Scott and Republican Thomas Massie, a fiscal conservative. Just as with Right on Crime, conservatives of all stripes have endorsed the idea.
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    "Local authorities tend to be terrified of getting somethingwrong, so they delay, ask loads of questions, and as a smallcompany you suffer death by a thousand cuts," Parmar said in aninterview in London.
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    According to the researchers, physicians believe that "major responsibility" for reducing health care costs lies with trial lawyers (60 percent), health insurance companies (59 percent), hospitals and health systems (56 percent), pharmaceutical and medical device companies (56 percent), and patients (52 percent). Only 36 percent of participants responded that physicians have "major responsibility" for reducing costs. Most physicians claimed awareness of the costs of tests and treatments (76 percent) and agreed on adhering to clinical guidelines (79 percent), pursuing the best interests of the patient regardless of cost (78 percent), and recognizing the need for doctors to limit use of unnecessary tests (89 percent). A minority of physicians (7 percent) expressed support for eliminating fee-for-service payment models as an approach to reducing health care costs.
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    Kimberly Walker, an Army corporal, was found earlier this year in a Colorado Springs hotel room beaten and strangled to death.  Her boyfriend, also in the Army, had been arrested shortly after, and charged with her murder.
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    "If immigration reform is going to work, it is essentialthat we have the confidence of the American people that it'sdone the right way," said Brendan Buck. "That means adeliberate, step-by-step approach, not another massiveObamacare-style bill that people don't understand."
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    It isn’t only village pubs, shops and schools that have closed in recent decades, but cottage hospitals and crown courts, benefits offices and job centres. This leaves people – young and old – having to travel further to reach services. In the countryside, there are fewer transport options than in town. Whatever the concessions that are given to youngsters, old people and the disabled, they mean little when there are no good buses to take. According to the Campaign for Better Transport, 41 per cent of local authorities have made cuts to the funding for subsidised services during the current financial year.
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    The government will decide on whether to go ahead with thesales tax hike by looking at the April-June GDP figures,although the decision should be made sooner rather than later,Aso said at a news conference.
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    Writing in the 1830s, Alexis de Tocqueville argued that American exceptionalism was driven largely by our unique capacity to make "repairable mistakes." It wasn't that we were congenitally more moderate or reasonable than our counterparts across the Atlantic. It wasn't that we had always made better initial decisions. Rather, it was our great blessing that the founding generation had developed an ecosystem where the public interest would overcome parochial concerns when a minority's demand promised to steer the nation off track. As made so evident of late, it's messy, quite frequently frightening and invariably infuriating. But it's also the secret to the longest lasting democracy in modern history.
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    In an ongoing, multi-phase civil trial over the cause of thewell explosion in federal court in New Orleans, both thegovernment and BP contend that faulty cement work by Halliburtoncontributed to the disaster.
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    The study recruited 66 female adolescents (aged 12 to 18 years) with anorexia and 1,609 without. Both groups were mailed questionnaires that gathered information on autistic traits. The questionnaires gave results in three main areas:
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    That's because there are no serious talks going on right now on the budget and deficit between the White House and Congress, Bixby explained, adding he thinks the report would have had more impact in August or early September.
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    Animal welfare advocates have raised the alarm about cattle that may have been unable to handle the stress of the additional weight. Many food companies are increasingly sensitive to public perception of their treatment of animals. Others have complained that Zilmax-fed cattle produces steaks that are less juicy than those raised on grain or forage-based systems.
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    Yanukovych sees Tymoshenko as a "protyvnyk," a mortal foe who cannot be bought and who, if pardoned, could defeat him in 2015. He fears as president she would launch criminal proceedings against him and his associates.
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    Last week a South Carolina family court judge finalized the Capobianco's adoption of Veronica. The judge also approved a transition plan for Veronica so that she would be gradually reintroduced to the Capobiancos.
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    Analysts say Kiir was trying to stem dissent and divisions inside his ruling Sudan People's Liberation Movement(SPLM) party over endemic corruption and an economic crisis, largely the result of disputes with Sudan that have prevented South Sudan exporting crude oil.
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    The Mail assault on Miliband's father's memory echoes the attempt to delegitimize Barack Obama in right-wing American media by emphasizing the president's father's religious background and left-wing politics.
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    Republican leaders said food stamps, traditionally part ofthe farm bill, would be handled later and that, for now, theyneeded a vehicle to begin negotiations with the Senate over acompromise bill. Democrats said the real intent was to isolatefood stamps for large cuts in funding.
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    Guiton, who earned Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors last week against Cal, on Saturday surpassed the record held by John Borton (1952) and Bobby Hoying twice (1994 and 1995). Guiton was 24-34 for 215 yards and an interception as the Buckeyes took a 55-0 halftime lead.
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    The Concordia, a 290-metre-long (950-foot-long) linercarrying more than 4,000 passengers and crew, capsized and sank,killing 32 people on Jan. 13, 2012, after it came too close toshore and jagged rocks tore a hole in its side.
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    3. GREGG WILLIAMS STILL HAS IT. The longtime defensive guru is back in the league after serving a suspension following his role in the bounty scandal that rocked the New Orleans Saints. While Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray remains very much in charge of the play calling, Williams has infused the unit with the same kind of relentless aggression that has become his trademark.
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    “Our final calculations have determined it is about 120,000 square miles in area, or about the size of the state of New Mexico, making it by far the largest ever discovered on Earth," says geologist William Sager, who has studied the massive volcano for more than 20 years and who gave it the name "Tamu Massif." "It rivals in size some of the largest volcanoes in the solar system, such as Olympus Mons on Mars.”
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    Earlier, McCain, an outspoken advocate of intervention in Syria, had said he did not support the resolution, saying he wanted more than cruise missile strikes and other limited action. He had also sought a stronger response aimed at "reversing the momentum on the battlefield" and hastening the departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
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    Speaking about Mr Edwards' photograph at the time, Mr Feltham said: "I would say it doesn’t prove what Nessie is, but it does prove what Nessie isn’t, a sturgeon which is a fish that has been put forward as one of the main explanations as to what Nessie could be but this hasn’t got a serrated spine like the sturgeon."
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    The visitors were initially given an allocation of 8,000 in the lower tier of the East Stand to be sold to supporters in Poland but a further 10,000 tickets were offered, meaning just under a quarter of fans will be supporting Waldemar Fornalik's side.
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    <a href="">Allison Wyatt "loved to laugh</a> and was developing her own wonderful sense of humor that ranged from just being a silly six-year old to coming up with observations that more than once had us crying with laughter,” her family wrote in a statement obtained by NBC.She was talented and wanted to be an artist, and would often "surprise [her family] with random acts of kindness -- once even offering snacks to a complete stranger on a plane."
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    Cyclosporiasis is most common in tropical and subtropicalregions of the world. The infection is caused by ingesting foodor water containing a one-celled parasite that is too small tobe detected without a microscope. Symptoms include waterydiarrhea, vomiting and body aches.
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    He said if charities were proven to have links, "direct or indirect, with the Muslim Brotherhood - whether educational or medical - they will be bound by the court's decision, and the government will have to take them over."
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    The Denver-based chain stressed in a press release Tuesday that its beef, chicken and pork continues to come from animals that are not given antibiotics or added hormones whenever possible. But it said it's considering tweaking its "responsibly raised" meat standards to allow meat from animals that have been given antibiotics to treat illnesses.
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    Kawa intends to acquire two of Conergy's German entities --Conergy Deutschland GmbH and Conergy Services GmbH -- as well assubsidiaries in North America, Singapore, Thailand, Australia,Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus and Britain.
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    Dr. Michael Compton, a psychiatrist who specializes in schizophrenia and is a researcher from George Washington University, said his analysis of 72 of the 100 individuals in the project showed that those who were more closely connected with the program showed better results.
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    The U.S. World War II Memorial on Washington's central Mall, a flashpoint for anger over the forced closure of national monuments and parks, opened early on Thursday, as a park employee in hip boots waded into the fountain to clean it.
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    Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, said: "A further increase in retail sales in June rounds off a good second quarter for retailers, with spending growing at almost twice the rate seen in the first three months of the year.
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    The BART walkout is the second this year after unionized workers went on strike for 4-1/2 days in July, until Democratic Governor Jerry Brown obtained a court order imposing a 60-day cooling-off period aimed at giving the two sides more time to reach a settlement.
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    VIENNA — A man killed two police officers and the driver of an emergency rescue vehicle Tuesday before barricading himself inside a farm building in a lower Austrian town, the dpa news agency said, citing an unidentified police spokesman.
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    But he also said he is “very concerned” about the territorial and maritime disputes in the South China Sea involving China and some ASEAN countries, such as Vietnam and the Philippines, saying there are “moves aimed at changing the status quo by force,” according to the officials.
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    Araghchi condemned the use of chemical weapons “under anyconditions by anyone” while accusing the U.S. and allies ofusing the alleged attack as a “pretext” to strike Syria.Araghchi said the attack was carried out by “terroristgroups.”
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    WASHINGTON, July 12 (Reuters) - China acknowledged U.S.concerns about cyber theft of intellectual property and tradesecrets and agreed to steps that would open its financial andgovernment procurement markets, the U.S. Treasury Departmentsaid on Friday.
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    Thanet Earth’s critics are hard to please. Felicity Lawrence, the investigative food writer, accepts that the complex has worked on its eco footprint but argues that it is 'still locked into an industrial model of food production that is inherently unsustainable, both environmentally and socially. It is part of a carbon-intensive centralised supermarket distribution system that trucks food vast distances.’
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    That could make it harder for Asia's economies to weatherrising global interest rates and a westward migration ofinternational investment funds. While foreign investors arestill accumulating Japanese stocks, they have sold off roughly$12.5 billion of other Asian stocks since May, according to datafrom Nomura.
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