Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Attendees interact with AquaTop Display: A True ”Immersive” Water Display System in the Emerging Technologies space.


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    The gunman appeared to act on his own with no clear political agenda but questions were asked about how a lone armed attacker managed to paralyze the city center and cause a standoff with an anti-terrorist unit.
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    Issa and Jordan said they had concerns about another document which appears to show a Fed economist making edits to an internal SEC document containing a high-level summary of Schapiro's money fund plan.
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    Having visited the set of Downton and met an historical advisor stipulating which character would be expected to leave the room first, and a costume designer who laboriously sources scraps of vintage cloth, I have to say I sympathise with the programme when the inevitable historical bloopers appear. Glimpses of double-yellow lines, a television aerial and a modern conservatory have all caused apoplexy in the past, and most recently it was suggested their table settings are all wrong. But doubtless this well-funded new series will redouble its efforts to deliver a view of 1920s Britain unsullied by pesky anachronisms.
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    The federal Investigative Committee said authorities had begun charging the 30 people from 18 countries arrested after two Greenpeace activists tried to scale the Prirazlomnaya oil platform, which plays a crucial role in Russia's effort to mine Arctic resources.
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    "They're taking from the poor to give to the rich," hip-hop artists rap in one of the installations - "Wonderland" by Turkish artist Halil Altindere - which depicts Roma youths settling scores after the state construction firm expropriated a Byzantine-era district to make room for luxury villas.
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    Scheduled to be awarded in 2015, the prize competition hopes to kick-start marine monitoring technology efforts with the world's oceans now roughly 30% more acidic than in the past due to global warming emissions. The newly announced competition will split its purse into two $1 million prizes. One will go to an accurate deep-water acidity monitor, and one will be for an inexpensive shallow-water monitor, devices now missing in the arsenal of today's marine scientists.
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    Bahrain has seen over two years of unrest linked to the Shiite majority's demands for a greater say in the affairs of the Sunni-ruled kingdom. In recent months, security forces have mostly kept protests away from the center of the capital.
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    The vaccine takes time to work, requiring 10 to 14 days. Anyone infected can spread the flu a day before symptoms develop and up to five to seven days after infection. Children can spread the virus over a longer period of time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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    Existing BA bookings are unaffected; passengers who have already bought tickets for the routes in question will be entitled to the full 23kg checked baggage allowance that applied when they made their reservations.
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    David Albright, of the Institute for Science and International Security think-tank, told a U.S. Senate committee in early October, referring to machines used to refine uranium: "Any future nuclear agreement must include a limit on the number and type of centrifuges Iran can install."
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    Finally, this can't just be handled militarily. The U.S. military will be a player in all of this, but it should really be supporting the other interagency actors involved in assisting the regional governments under threat.
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    These situations, in the moment, can be annoying and downright hurtful. But the fact that they happen often can't be too surprising. "There's a misconception that when we hear, we listen," says Pamela Cooper, vice president of the International Listening Association, "but listening is really hard work, and it takes a great deal of concentration." No wonder our friends and family and co-workers can be lousy at it. But what about you – are you a good listener?
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    A new survey from Citigroup Inc. and Seventeen magazine found that money is at the top of young people’s list of concerns, even trumping making friends and planning for life after college. Most college students (four out of five) work while they go to school, with the average student putting in an impressive 19 hours a week.
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    The worst of the chaos was in Cairo, where fierce street battles raged. Muslim Brotherhood members, determined to restore Morsi to power, occupied the Finance Ministry at one point and took hostages.
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    On credit growth, we have to - we have to acknowledge thatthe underlying loan growth over the recent quarters remainssubdued and has been subdued for quite a time. We know thatthere are several reasons for that, first and foremost, weakeconomic demand; second, heightened credit risk; third, thecontinuing deleveraging by households and enterprises.
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    Sowell's victims ranged in age from 24 to 52, all were recovering or current drug addicts and most died of strangulation; some had been decapitated, and others were so badly decomposed that coroners couldn't say with certainty how they died.
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    The U.S. obesity rate, meanwhile, continues to rise. About one-third of adults and 17 percent of children in the U.S. are obese. Rates have doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years, and earlier this month, the American Medical Association declared obesity a "disease."
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    He said he expected Beijing to drop its much criticised one-child policy in the near future and expressed hope of an end to the forced abortions and sterilisations he said were inflicted on many Chinese women.
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    'Danny Graham has yet to score for the Tigers (or anyone since January) despite his best efforts and Bruce was critical of German Nick Proschwitz earlier this month. He did score a hat-trick for the reserves this week, however.
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    At long last fashion is putting its most practical foot forward. The ultimate flat shoe for those jetting off to sunnier climes, the espadrille is a favourite with the likes of Jessica Alba and Alexa Chung who have been spearheading the fashionable flats movement for some time now.
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    Walgreen's decision will likely prompt its competitors inthe retail industry to take a closer look at private exchanges,said Chris Condeluci, an employee benefits attorney at VenableLLP and a former staffer with the U.S. Senate Finance Committeewho helped draft the healthcare reform law.
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    The growing risk of kidnappings means that their foreign staff have reduced their presence in Syria, she says. "Previously, our foreign staff spent 80 percent of their time in Syria. Now they haven't been inside for four weeks."
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    Scientists found no significant benefit to a popular idea of using a pressurized chamber to force oxygen into the brain to heal mild brain injuries suffered by tens of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans, according to a scientific study by the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs published this week.
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    Twelve-year-old Amy Root has been on the waiting list for at-home services since 2010. She was hit by a car, which left her a quadriplegic and unable to talk or communicate. She requires a feeding tube and suffers from seizures. At first she had 24-hour in-home nursing care, but the state slashed those hours in half over time, said her mother, Sue Root.
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    A spokesman for the European Union foreign policy chief,Catherine Ashton, who oversees diplomacy with Iran on behalf ofthe powers, described the Iranian presentation as "very useful"in a carefully worded comment that indicated Iran had gonefurther than in the past in its willingness to engage.
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    U.S. crude has outperformed Brent for the past two weeks,narrowing the European benchmark's premium to U.S. crudeCL-LCO1=R to a 2-1/2 year-low of $1.32 at one point onThursday. It was around $3 on Monday.
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    Sheriff's deputies in Riverside County, Calif., arrested Finley and Quinzio on Friday. The men played football together at Xavier College Preparatory High School, according to online rosters, and they were teammates of Vandenburg at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, Calif.
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of MSPs.
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    Mr Dabholkar and his committee (Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti) was particularly well-known for openly criticising some of India's so-called "godmen", the self-styled Hindu ascetics who claim to perform miracles and are revered by many. He also campaigned against animal sacrifices used in certain rituals.
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